The Phone Exchange has the best selection at the most competitive prices!

The Phone Exchange strives to provide a wide selection of pre-owned phones for all carriers.  Our inventory changes daily and we will be more than happy to help you find a phone if you want it and it is not in our current inventory.  We offer a 30 day warranty on all of our equipment which is unrivaled in the pre-owned equipment business.






Tablets /  iPods  /  iPads



Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Reader--$39

Cruz Tablet T103 (7" Android Tablet)--$49

2nd Generation iPod Touch (8 GB)--$49

1st Generation iPad (32 GB)--$169

LG G Pad 8.3" (Verizon 4G LTE + WiFi)--$199






Blackberry Curve 9310--$69

Motorola Droid 2-Black (Android with full keyboard)--$99

Pantech Breakout (4G Android)--$109

Motorola Droid X (Android)--$119

Nokia Lumia 822 (4G Windows)--$129

Samsung Droid Charge (4G Android)--$129

Samsung Galaxy Stellar (4G Android)--$139

Motorola Droid X2 (Android)--$139

LG Spectrum (4G Android)--$139

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (4G Android)--$139

Motorola Droid Razr M (4G Android)--159

iPhone 4 (8 GB Black)--$169

iPhone 4 (16 GB Black)--$189

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx--$199

Motorola Droid Mini-Red (4G Android)--$229

Motorola Moto X-White (4G Android)--$239

iPhone 4S (16 GB White)--$239

Samsung Galaxy S3-Black (4G Android)-$239

Motorola Droid Razr HD-Black (4G Android)--$249

Motorola Droid Razr HD-White (4G Android)--$249

iPhone 4S-Black (32 GB Black)--$249

iPhone 4S-White (32 GB White)--$249

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (4G Android)--$259

Casio Commando 4G LTE (Rugged Android)--$259

Samsung Galaxy Note 2-White (4G Android)--$269

LG G2 (4G Android)--$279

Samsung Galaxy S4-Brown (4G Android)--$329

Samsung Galaxy S4-White (4G Android)--$329

Samsung Galaxy S4-Black (4G Android)--$329

Motorola Droid Maxx (4G Android)--$349

iPhone 5C (32 GB Pink)--$379

iPhone 5S (16 GB Silver, Like New)--$499

Samsung Galaxy S5-Black (4G Android, BRAND NEW)--$499






Samsung A107 (flip phone)--$19

ZTE Z331 (flip phone)--$39

Pantech Link (full keyboard)--$49

Samsung Rugby II (rugged flip phone)--$69

Nokia Lumia 520-Black (Windows)--$59

iPhone 3G (16 GB White)--$69

iPhone 3GS (16 GB Black)--$99

iPhone 4 (8 GB Black)--$179

iPhone 4 (8 GB White)--$179

Samsung Rugby Pro (Rugged Android)--$189

BLU Dash 5.5-White (NEW Unlocked Android)--$249

BLU Dash 5.5-Blue (NEW Unlocked Android)--$249

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (Android with optical zoom camera)--$249

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (Android)--$299

Samsung Galaxy Note 3-Black (Android)--$449

Samsung Galaxy S5-Black (Android)--$479





LG Rumor 2 (full keyboard)--$59

Samsung Rant (full keyboard)--$59

LG Lotus Elite (full keyboard)--$69

LG Rumor Touch (touch screen with full keybord)--$69

Blackberry Curve 2--$49

Samsung Galaxy S2-White (Android)--$149

iPhone 4 (8 GB White)--$159

Motorola Moto X-Black (Android)--$199

iPhone 4S (16 GB Black)--$199

iPhone 5C (16 GB Blue)--$289

iPhone 5C (16 GB Green)--$289

iPhone 5C (16 GB Pink)--$289

Samsung Galaxy S4-Purple (Android)--$289

Samsung Galaxy S4-White (Android)--$299

LG G Flex (Android)--$319

iPhone 5S (16 GB Gold)--$439

iPhone 5S (16 GB Space Gray)--$439

Samsung Galaxy S5-White (Android)--$449






Samsung Axle (flip phone)--$39

Samsung Repp (Android)--$49

LG Optimus U (Android)--$59

Huawei Ascend 2 (Android)--$59

Huawei Ascend Y (Android)--$59

HTC Desire (Android)--$69

HTC Merge (Android with full keyboard)--$69

Motorola Electrify (Android)--$89

ZTE Imperial (4G Android)--$99

Motorola Electrify M (4G Android)--$139

Samsung Galaxy S3-White (4G Android)--$189

Samsung Galaxy S4-Black (4G Android)--$279

Samsung Galaxy S4-White (4G Android)--$279





Motorola Razr-Pink (flip phone)--$39

Motorola Sidekick Slide (full keyboard)--$39

Blackberry Curve 8520-White--$49

Nokia Lumia 521 (Windows)--$59

ZTE Concord (Android)--$59

Huawei Prism 2 (Android)--$69

Nokia Lumia 710 (Windows)--$69

Alcatel One Touch Evolve (Android)--$79

LG DoublePlay (Android with full keyboard)--$89

Huawei MyTouch Q (Android with full keyboard)--$99

BLU Dash 5.5-White (NEW Unlocked Android)--$249

BLU Dash 5.5-Blue (NEW Unlocked Android)--$249

iPhone 5S (16 GB Gold)--$469





LG Optimus U (Android)--$29

LG Volt (Android)--$109





Samsung Galaxy Rush (Android)--$49

LG Marquee (Android)--$49

Kyocera Hydro Icon (4G Android, BRAND NEW)--Special!! $79.99 or Free!*

Motorola Moto G (Android, BRAND NEW)--Special!! $99.99 or Free!*


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